My love for... Psion - Part 2

By Blue2k on Tuesday 5 April 2011 18:08 - Comments (2)
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Psion had already introduced their most successful PDAs when I acquired my 5mx: the Series 3 range, the Series 5 and then the Series 5mx. I believe their Series 5 range is considered to be their Swan Song, but the netBook was a great device too in my opinion (I'm writing this on a Psion netBook). The devices were far ahead of their time in interesting ways. They weren't particularly flashy or extremely fast, but instead, excelled at battery life and user experience. The Series 5 keyboard is still considered to be one of the best keyboards for mobile devices ever made. Their battery life is still unrivaled, the netBook I have here in front of me will last me for more than 11 hours on a single charge, and with the additional batteries I have it'll last me for about 48 hours! All their devices are instant on (and off), and losing data is very, very rare when the batteries do give out. I've never lost a single bit of data from the Psions I owned.

Psion 5mx

There is a fine line between nostalgia and making a point I've found. This netBook is definitely behind the times in certain aspects: no USB, limited internet capabilities and no compatibility with the latest Windows, OSX or Linux software for example. But there are still a few aspects that even the latest devices can barely match. The instant-on nature of the Psion devices in general make them extremely handy for work on-the-go or work that gets interrupted a lot. The focus on battery life is not only apparent in hardware, but even the software is aggressively tuned for power conservation. The usability provided by the excellent keyboards on both the Series 5 range and netBook, coupled with the portability, is something that very few (or no) devices currently on the market can deliver.

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By Brent, Tuesday 12 April 2011 20:07


all the shit you got to do, and you've got time to start a blog?

By Tweakers user Blue2k, Thursday 14 April 2011 06:19

Brent wrote on Tuesday 12 April 2011 @ 20:07:

all the shit you got to do, and you've got time to start a blog?
All the stuff you're doing and you've managed to track my blog down on a Dutch website? ;)

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